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02-19-2014, 05:20 PM
Ive raised meat goats for more than 8 years now. We have had a few dairy does through the herd and they seem to be way hardier than the meat goats. But here in the humid mid west goats just dont thrive. They are an animal of the drier regions. They are more closely related to deer than either cattle or sheep. They will not mow a lawn, they disdain tall grass, and they would rather eat your evergreens than your alfalfa. The other side of the fence is always the place to be no matter what, and kids are to be born in the worst weather possible in the worst place. But no matter the torture they put you through they look at you with those big doe eyes and that goat smile and you will melt..
And remember its
female doe not nanny
the difference is a $100 dollar bill:cool:
male buck not billy

02-19-2014, 06:14 PM
I raised pedigreed Saanens for about 5 years here in Texas and its plenty hot and humid. They did OK. But yes, the European breeds are alpine in origin, those breeds with upward pointing ears. I am sure they would like it cooler. The Boers, Nubians and Nigerians and other African breeds might do better in the heat. Myself, I prefer the looks of the Saanen, Toggenburg, the French and Swiss Alpine (Obrelhasi) . They are more deerlike. The roman-nosed hanging ear breeds, not so much. But those ears must shed more heat. There is also the high butterfat producing La Mancha that does not have any ears.

Yes, goats are the best escape artists you all have ever seen. All hole or gap under is exploited. They will jump up on people trucks and cars and poop all over them. They even climb trees.They are also vulnerable to predators like dogs and coyotes, much more so than cattle. People need supper good fences and oftentimes, livestock guarding dogs. But the personalities of goats are amazing. They are characters, no two alike.