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02-08-2017, 07:40 PM
Anyone keen? There are a lot of wild camels running around Australia that could be utilised... =>


Lead Cow
02-08-2017, 08:42 PM
Yeah , a lot of them running around in the desert being no use to anyone .

02-08-2017, 08:50 PM
Pretty cool. I never heard of that. Nice high udders and that's a nice parlor.

02-08-2017, 10:42 PM
Seems crazy how they just stand there, seems like they could just walk right over the breast rail....

And that there's a million employees just hanging out, trying to be useful.....

02-09-2017, 03:20 AM
My thoughts too, I went further into YouTube (a dangerous thing to do...) and found a short 8min clip on Aussie camel millers being paid $20 a litre - anyway, they were going into the desert and bringing back wild camels that they needed to tame. I think training heifers onto the rotary platform can be scary enough sometimes!!!

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02-09-2017, 07:32 AM
Apparently the average around 5 litres per day. I wonder how many you'd have to milk to pay for that kind of parlor

02-09-2017, 03:39 PM
No idea, but then I did see a parlour that was simply made out of cyclone gates and wood where the milker was one of those portable vacuum pump setups you can move around.

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03-24-2017, 01:57 AM
Did someone say camels..? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-24/camel-milk-beauty-australian-wild-camel-corporation/8380914

03-25-2017, 07:37 AM
It's a big gimmick at the moment. Seems like something freddo would be keen on.

03-25-2017, 07:42 AM
I understand there's strong demand and quite the premium in Arab countries for camel milk

03-26-2017, 05:18 AM
The business in the article must be reading similar market signals @Baazevedo1 by expanding from 450 to 2500 in the next two years!!!

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03-26-2017, 10:00 AM
I'm curious if the milk is funky. And how the profitability compares with dairy cows. And then there's the spitting.

Lead Cow
03-26-2017, 12:32 PM
It's a big gimmick at the moment. Seems like something freddo would be keen on.

Long time no hear ?

03-26-2017, 01:20 PM
It's very creamy I guess. Haven't had any just know someone who grew up in the middle east and who's had it. I guess camel meat is also highly sought after but it's a tougher meat and there's only certain cuts that are good to use and there's a special way to prepare it. Apparently, anyway lol. But shoot, $20 a litre?? That's some serious money lol