Hey Everyone, very new to the forum and quite new to farming tbh.
My name is David Roche im from bolton originally but now living in israel (long story) and im involved with a startup called Co-Exist.

CO-EXIST is an autonomous-farming tech company. Our core capabilities include computerized cow management, selective cow guidance, and advanced IoT and AI sensing and insights. It enables us to measure the feed consumption and feed-efficiency of each cow, recommend on profits-guided culling (replacement), feeding, and breeding, bring 100% of cows to the milking robot of their own will, and let mothers nurture their calves. This, in turn, generates larger yields and higher profits, improves sustainability, through reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced stool volume, and reduced cooling requirements, and improves cow welfare. CO-EXIST products turn the farm into an autonomous operation, removing any unnecessary manual labor and reducing the human-animal friction to the minimum. Our first three products are fully demonstrated in a commercial robotic dairy farm in Israel.

Also this is a pdf with a bit more information on us, hopefully some of you give it a once over and find it interesting.

Any and all questions are welcome.

Thanks and have a good day.