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    For all of you that have employees, or are an employee on a farm, How do you cut down on damage done to equipment and buildings? I understand an accident here and there. But its becoming a weekly thing here. From skidloader rims bent up, bent gates, ripped of gate latches, missing fuel caps, torn off hydraulic lines, and numerous other things. We have cameras througout the barns but the stuff always seems to happen where no camera is.

    Do incentive programs work? With holding raises? I am not opposed to firing and hiring new, but can't always tell who caused the problem.

    Any ideas? Maybe I am missing something.

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    It is a concern that you as a manager will need to manage. Incentives don’t seem to get any response from employees here. Having them do the repairs can be a way to get them to actually recognize the damage that has been done. It is difficult to not make each individual feel like they are being punished for the actions of others. The most expensive employee that ever worked for me is named “nobody”. Because nobody ever or always does the damage. Or the line is, “it was that way when we started our shift”.
    If the person that is in charge of the repairs is also an employee, you may get someone to spill the beans to them, but never to the boss.
    It will never be eliminated because there are times when “stuff” happens and it is something that you might need to suck up as a cost of having employees. Or, specify which employee is allowed to operate individual equipment and in what areas. Then there is only one person per shift that could have caused the damage and you can deal with them individually.
    Have the employees been trained in safe operating procedures? Are the controls consistent? Lights working and windows clean enough to see?

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