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Thread: Whats Your Favorite Cow Ration?

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    Default Whats Your Favorite Cow Ration?

    Wondering what the majority of you feed your cows. Are most of you on a high CS ration for consistency, or are you switching it up, based on the availability of products to purchase? i.e. distillers,corn gluten, hominy, cereal fines, have even found some bakery waste, with gronola bars, and what not for 120 a ton. I have been basically forced into a high haylage diet, due to a "wild yeast" problem in CS. That yields a less than desirable bunk heating problem. With harvest coming up, have yet to decide on how much CS to make. With more than enough haylage to hold my current ration. Am currently feeding DM's of...
    Hayl 20
    CS 8
    HMSC 14
    Mix 9
    straw .5
    QLF 1.5
    Total DM 53 to 54, yielding 80#'s in the heat, still down 5 or so, with nights over 70 degrees yet.

    Cows seem to chew there cuds more on the hayl, have noticed they are peaking lower, I suppose due to the in ability to digest the fiber quickly, resulting in gut fill. any thoughts?? or comments?? call me crazy, or let me have it, have tough skin today..........must be some of you on a all CS diet, how little in dry corn, or HMSC do you feed, do distillers feed well? Thanks in advance for the reply's

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    Our farm has historically favorerd grass compared to corn typically because of the moderate temps and wet weather, corn is more for flavor our grass usually tests better than corn in energy.
    Dry Basis:
    Whey 1
    Alfalfa 7
    Corn 11.96
    Soy 1.5
    Canola 3.5
    DDG 3
    Wheat DDG 1.5
    Grass Silage 11
    Corn Silage 8.7
    Cotton 2.7
    Mineral 1.5

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