Commercial dairy farm is hard working but highly profitable venture, given daily demand of pure milk. We can provide technical & financial support under one roof with all planning documents, which are necessary if you want to have purposeful talk with your banker.

As a beginner, nurturing 50 cows is manageable to start with. As you gain experience you can add further. Let us emphasize over cows only; as we gain experience & knowledge we can add buffalos.

With this 50 cows project, the loan component is around Rs. 70 lakh (term loan: Rs. 67 lakh and cash credit limit Rs. 3 lakh); which we can materialize obtaining cgtmse guarantee cover for third party collateral.

You can see draft layout for 10-cow and 60 cow shed in our website. We have earmarked 70’ x 50’ space for 10-cow surrounded by boundary wall and gate; and 125’ x 150’ for 60-cow surrounded by boundary wall and gate. Certainly you will be the proud owner of your land, which is being developed in a highly professional manner.

We have planned for providing feed & drinking water in efficient manner, we have planned for maintaining utmost cleanliness with disposal of dung in compost tank. Platform for preparing concentrate feed is provided with godown area nearby. Enough open space is provided inside boundary wall for grazing, for misc. work, for preparing silage, for passage, etc. Near gate we have provisioned for small office, tool room, dry fodder stock, straw yard cum maternity ward with calves’ room. Facilities have been designed keeping in view of ease of performance of daily routines.

Civil engineers/architects in your area could ask exorbitant fees for preparing layout & estimate. Under our umbrella you can avail this along with other dairy farm specific plan documents at highly affordable cost. You will save time too because we have chalked out what is needed for cows’ comfort and what is needed to perform day-to-day activities by your workers efficiently. Just knowing land area and your vision for your dairy farm we have capacity to deliver more than your expectations.

Method of delivery: It is in two phases. Upon your confirmed order we will prepare and provide following plan documents:

- Green fodder cropping plan in 3 different models, making silage, making concentrates, saltlicks, urea treated straw, etc. (green fodder plan is in color; page 15)
- Operation Manual (color with pictures; 124 pages) spiral binding
- Code of Conduct
- Detailed Project Report (format mentioned in website)
- Quotation for dairy animals (from reliable breeder)
- Quotation for dairy equipments (BMC, milking machine, cans, buckets, other)
- Master Plan for 15000 sq. ft. (so that we can workout precise layout & estimate)
- Quotation for needed facilities at shed (as shown in website)

Above are main documents; which we will provide you along with cover letter for bank. These documents are necessary to have meaningful talk with your banker. You don’t need to worry that what equipments you need; and from where you can get those equipments. In addition we will provide you following documents:

- Guidelines and affidavits for formation of proprietorship / partnership firm.
- Guidelines for obtaining firm’s registration with District Industries Center
- Guidelines for preparing personal balance sheet to meet margin money
- Guidelines for applying for subsidy
- Guidelines for preparing for site visit by bank manager

With these documents we both will have preliminary discussion with your banker. We have to spend our time for document preparation in addition to traveling time. Upon knowing your unique needs we would like to do proper homework so that with minimum possible time we could obtain in-principle approval from your banker in your city. On your part please arrange photocopy of your land documents.

We will have thorough discussion with your banker over project cost and collateral security being furnished. We will also assist for obtaining cgtmse guarantee cover.

When your banker is in-principle agreed we will move towards second phase. Here I will complete all the planning documents needed for sanction. That is,

- Blue print layout with section wise detail
- Detail civil construction cost estimate section wise
- Civil construction schedule
- Quotations for cows and all equipments, right from buckets to milking parlor

At this final stage we will complete all the plan documents needed for setting up this venture and documents asked by banker.

Hope we have been able to convince our work that we will perform in two stages. Payment schedule is affordable for above two stages. Just let us know your vision, where you are located and when you are planning to start. It would be our pleasure to associate with you to convert your dream into reality.

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DAS Consultant
Patna Bihar