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    wasnt sure where best to put this post so hopefully this works well
    My husband and I bought our 1st dairy farm in northern WI about 2.5 years ago
    we worked with FSA to do so and at the time could only afford 80 of the 160 acre farm and we continued to rent the remaining land with intent to purchase.
    well before we could do so, a sand mine purchased those other 80 acres and additional surrounding land to start mining
    we had been in the process of transitioning to rotational grazing but the sand mine took most of our hay and pasture land
    we have been looking for a farm since then,
    hoping to find a smaller parlor operation for around 60 cows with enought land to support it as a rotational grazing dairy
    so far we havent been able to find anything it is either too large or too rundown or has no land or the price is impossible to cash flow on
    im posting on here wondering if anyone knows of farm available
    we would love to stay near our home but we are also interested in other areas of the country
    wondering where some people think are ideal areas for a rotational grazing dairy
    and if anyone knows of any available farms in these areas
    thanks anyone for any suggestions
    happy farming!

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    Hello, I live in SW Missouri and I know that there are quite a few grazing dairys in the area. After the drought this summer I don't know how much grazing they were able to do but I know it is becoming more common to see them. There seem to be some farms coming up for sale around the Mountain Grove Missouri area. Im not sure if you are interested, I just saw your post and thought I would throw that out there. Good Luck

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    Sent you an email...grass grows forever up here...nice.

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