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    farm-labour consultancy
    sugitha (Dairy farm-labour advicer)
    Palani,Tamilnadu, south-india

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    Farm Management comprises of two words i.e. Farm and labour Management.
    Farm means a piece of land where crops and livestock enterprises are taken up under common management and has specific boundaries.

    Farm is a socio economic unit which not only provides income to a farmer but
    also a source of happiness to him and his family. It is also a decision making unit where the farmer has many alternatives for his resources in the production of crops and livestock enterprises and their disposal. Hence, the farms are the micro units of vital importance which represents centre of dynamic decision making in regard to guiding the farm resources in the production process......

    The welfare of a nation depends upon happenings in the organisation in each
    farm unit. It is clear that agricultural production of a country is the sum of the contributions of the individual farm units and the development of agriculture means the development of millions of individual farms....

    Labour Management is the art of getting work done out of others working in a group.,

    Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in
    which individuals working together in groups accomplish selected aims.
    Management is the key ingredient.

    The manager makes or breaks a business.

    Management takes on a new dimension and importance in agriculture which is
    mechanised, uses many technological innovations, and operates with large amounts of borrowed capital.

    The prosperity of any country depends upon the prosperity of farmers, which
    in turn depends upon the rational allocation of resources among various uses and adoption improved technology. Human race depends more on farm products for their existence than anything else since food, clothing – the prime necessaries are products of farming industry. Even for industrial prosperity, farming industry forms the basic infrastructure.

    Thus the study farm management has got prime importance in any
    economy particularly on agrarian economy.
    GWT Agriculture-
    - Recruiting Farm-labours for farm/dairy farms/plantation(tea&coffee)
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