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Thread: ?? Farm is only milking Colostrum cows 1 per day- opinions please

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    Default ?? Farm is only milking Colostrum cows 1 per day- opinions please

    We are American expats in NZ, here 6 years, husband is 3rd generation dairy farmer. Husband just took job near home here, in NZ, and Farm Manager has cows
    milking colostrum cows once per day only, never seen this. Started second day on job, 4 cows had milk fever on first day of job, out of 80 cows autumn calving out of peak 500 cow farm. My husband already knows higher somatic cell counts and mastistis will result. Opinions please on this. Cows are thrown into herd and put on 2x milking when colostrum is done. What health effects on cows? What damage? Awful lot of 3 titters on farm.

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    Where I work, that's pretty much how it's done. Leave the calf on for three days and milk once per day. Very few milk fevers, mastitis, somatic cell usually takes 4 days to come down. Here the three titters are usually in heifers. Milk fever is usually a result of pre fresh diet unless something odd is happening. Just chill a bit and see how it goes, probably not the managers first rodeo.

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    Actually, she just came farm manager. And calves removed as soon as born.

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    I know a few who only milk colostrum cows oad with good results.

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