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Thread: Robotic teat dipper - one less employee?

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    Default Robotic teat dipper - one less employee?

    I wonder how we could make this work for a double parallel parlor?

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    Too much reading ... couldn't see a video of it in action?

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    Only way that would work is to be on a track. It would have to be compact and along the splash pan. Either that or each cow has her own sprayer (or robot) but that's pricey.

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    The first picture appears to show a large unit, hung from overhead, that would always be in the way of the human operators. Like Baazevado said, it would need to be much smaller and curb mounted.

    The coolest solution though, would be a mobile robot(look up "ball balancing robot" for ideas) that could scoot around the pit and get its job done. It should take up no more space than a person, should dynamically learn how each parlor crew operates so it can stay out of the way, and can easily be swapped out if it breaks down.

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