Hello Dairy Farmers of New England and of the World,

I have long been wanting to be of service to farmers, and only just recently got to know more about the world of dairy farming in New England. I was deeply moved seeing the documentary _Forgotten Farms_, moved by the dedication of the dairy farmers in the film and inspired by the joy they take in their work. If you haven't seen it, I think it's pretty amazing--and maybe a way to explain to friends or neighbors what it is you actually do.

All I can say is, Wow. You are the salt of the Earth, the backbone of our community. No one works harder than you, no one puts more heart into their work than you. From what I saw in the film, you just don't have vacations. It's not just a business, it's living animals, animals that depend on you every day. You don't just own your herd, you're married to it. Wow!

What I do is teach this thing that can help people have an easier time in pretty much any kind of job, if they're a good fit with it. It really depends on whether a given person is interested in it. It's long to describe in words so I won't go into it here, you can ask me if you want to know more about it.

I'm also a farm enthusiast, and I ust have gotten that from my parents. My mom and dad would always stop by and chat with this one farmer in Worthington, Mass. or thereabouts when I was little, Tim Barris, and back then you could get the milk right from the farm, in the glass jug. Wow, was that good milk. It's beautiful out there.

Why I'm here is to learn what if anything I might be able to do to be of service. I may not have a way to solve a given problem right away, but if i stumble on one at some point then I'll know what to look for.

So, I'm going to ask, if you're willing to share this:

—what is it you do need for your business or for your personal quality of life? what are the top _ten_ needs that would make your life or work better? (if they're really technical things, can you describe in layperson's terms what it does--for example, instead of a "GW-2000 widget," say, "a thing that milks ten cows at a time." And I'm asking for up to ten things because if everyone just says "change the milk prices" that limits what I'd be able to offer.

—what if anything would you be willing to try out—what experiments would be within the range of what you can afford to try with your busy schedule and with all that's on the line? for example, "I could try out a new design of an electric fence, but only with one cow on one part of my field--I can't afford to be chasing down more than one if it fails."

--what would you want people in the world to know about your work if anything, things that the public just doesn't know or understand?

Thanks very much for taking the time to communicate about your needs, and thanks for all you do for New England.

In community,

Joshua Myrvaagnes