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Thread: Silage selection bmr vs leafy

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    I've been asking nutritionists lately about silage samples, and their opinions on silage specific varieties. The main response I was given was total digestability. How much emphasis does one put on ndfd or a point different in liginen? 40% starch vs 32%? Im just looking for opinions. Land base is not an issue but if I was looking at plot data I would still value milk per acre vs milk per ton. We planted bmr this year and harvested 22 ton per acre vs 28 the previous year with a leafy. We did bump in milk from the leafy, about 4lbs. Have not tested the bmr yet and won't be feeding it until after we make next years seed decisions. We feed a 60/40 corn silage/haylage ration. Economically getting more ton per acre and seeing a milk response with leafy planting a 28k population vs the bmr which isn't fermented/tested yet but pay more for in seed cost and plant at 34k pop is a bit hard to grasp with lack of total info. I am looking for any feedback or opinions with producers who have used both products. Thanks

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    I would be interested in others thoughts too! I ordered half BMR for next year just to try and see.

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    I hit 35 ton in my best field last year with 110 day leafy. We ended up needing a third 8x200 bag for the bump.

    We also had a processor last year so i cant compare apples to apples but...
    It was the first year we've ever maintained 5000 a pickup from our 60 cows all year.

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    I grew bmr for many years in the 90's, it does have more milk but the problems just weren't worth continuing for me. It will gooseneck so bad some years and the yield is definitely less.

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    We tried bmr in 2014 for the first time. I was really disappointed in the yeild. It ran 40 to 100 bushels less per acre according to crop insurance adjuster and was planted on my more fertile ground. I kept the bmr in a seperate bag to use as my carry over for the fall of 2015. I wasnt going to plant it in 2015 but was persuaded by my nutrionalist and agronomist to plant all my silage acres to bmr. I did it but on the understanding that if it didnt work they would both be fired. We planted it, fertilized it, and applied fungicide according to recommendations. Labor day weekend I tried the chopper on some headlands and it was 72%. Monday night it rained 7 inches and we couldnt get in the field for a month. It got dry, fell over, and the grain was moldy. We combined half of it. Ran less than 120 bushels to the acre. I figured that corn cost well over $5. I now have a new nutritionalist and agronomists! We never saw more than a pound difference in production with it.

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