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    Does anyone currently use the Uddermatic A150T rail feeder for group or individual pens?

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    No experience with it but looking at advertising for it I think where I am in Wisconsin it would take a lot of extra construction cost. Building would need to be heated and well insulated. Heated calf barns have plenty of issues with moisture build up in winter. I also see lots of maintenance with the rail system compared to stand alone units.

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    I'm not familiar with them, does the entire building need to be above freezing for a rail feeder? What if the feeder's "home" base was in a heated room with a set of double swinging doors for it to pass through?

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    FWIW locally there are 3-4 auto feeders. All are not insulated. The room where the equip is and the nipple pops out of wall basically. We freeze every year and ofter drop in teens with harsh winds. Never heard a guy with them note freezing being a issue.

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