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Thread: Any Ayrsire breeders out there?

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    Default Any Ayrsire breeders out there?

    What are you using for bulls? Any opinion on Abs bull Brazil? Is a purebred Ayrshire going to disappear? Seems like everything is a percentage.

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    I've been milking a handful of Ayrshire since 2008. Milking one Brazil outta a "covey-farms Retrace Rae EX 95 3E"daughter that's due to dry off dec 8. she's a pretty fancy animal I wouldn't give Brazil the credit. I won't use brazil again as he's old and not a front runner in gene pool and not sexed. I'm not a huge proponent on using sexed semen... except on Ayrshires!!!! The bull calves are just way too big from my experiences. Sexed twice then switch to jersey. On my jersey Holstein crosses I've attempted a 3way cross. The dams had extremely large calves. I can't remember what the percentage of Ayrshire actually means on reg papers. About half of mine are 100% the other half 90ish percent most bulls are 90% too. It's not like the milking shorthorn where a red Holstein bull can be used every 3rd or 4th generation.

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