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Thread: Does Anyone raise other livestock as well as dairy?

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    Default Does Anyone raise other livestock as well as dairy?

    What do you raise?

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    We raise all our heifer and bull calves. Surplus heifers are usually sold at premium prices, bull calves is a new enterprise for us - as we don't like bulls, we have castrated them...

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    I have been fattening out some steers. I am also in the process of starting a beef cow herd.

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    Is there any money is raising beef cattle? are you raising for cow calf herd and selling calves or are you going to raise out the calves to slaughter?

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    We are raising are bull calves as steers. The thought behind raising them is corn isn't worth selling we chopper it and put it in a bunker silo hoping to sell freezer need. We also raise boar goats that my kids show

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