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    I just acquired an old dairy farm with a gable barn with a white milk house coming off the side. I have 32 stanchions, new vacuume lines and water lines. Milk house consists of a 300 gallon flat top tank, newer hot water heater, wash sinks, and four surge milk buckets refurbished within the last three years. The barn yard is about a 5 acre plot. The farmer I got it from died, "he lived and milked there all his life" I was told he kept up to 40 cows on the 5 acre spot and fed year around? I'm asking is that really possible? And if so how much feed would I really need? He put up 6000 square bails and had 2 decent sized top unload silos but I have no idea if that's enough to support milking at least 32 cows. Also the floor in the barn is pretty messed up, me didn't have a barn cleaner just two gutters he shoveled by hand, if my floor isn't perfect will an inspector shut me down?
    Thank you for any input and I know small dairys arnt profitable or at least that's what I'm reading everywhere..

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    Where is this farm located? Did he rent land from the neighbors to fill the silos? is the land hilly or flat?

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    Flat ground

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