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Thread: Checking in on Australia

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    Default Checking in on Australia


    Our internet news sources are telling us the situation in Australia is unprecedented.

    Have any forum members there been impacted?

    What are your perspectives on what's going on?
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    Thanks @John

    Absolutely devastating on the back of severe drought, which was an ingredient in the perfect scenario for these fires to unfold.

    We're largely unaffected where our farm is based - thank goodness! The stories of farms that have been burnt out and with large numbers of livestock that are being put down is extremely sad - not to mention the amount of fauna and flora that has been devastated and surrounding habitats.

    If I can find a silver lining, I hope that the energy for climate action continues to build momentum and that our politicians can step up to the plate and show true leadership in quickly moving us to a carbon neutral (global) nation.

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    AlSorry to hear.

    I've read climate change is a hot issue in Australia. The bad news is there is no way to replace fossil fuels economically. Also, the West is either flat on emissions or even declining. Meanwhile, China is skyrocketing. These facts are never covered in media reports, or by politicians who are looking for any excuse to expand government.

    In the US alone 97 quadrillion BTUs of energy are used each year. We would need 28,000 windmills just to power New York City. Or 6 square miles of solar panels. The biggest US wind farm now is 750 windmills, or something like that.

    I'm all for pollution control, but the politics of climate change mostly helps China. That's were most of the world's solar panels are made, and they are number 3 in wind gear. (They also burn 50 percent of the world's coal.) In the US alternative energy has surpassed coal. They never mention that in media coverage either.

    Dairy farmers are being blamed for climate change. Starbucks just threw dairy producers under the bus, criticizing their emissions. They overlook the 10-car line in their drive up window. The misinformation and lack of actual solutions will end up hurting a lot of farmers. That's because the supply chain is pushing their problems with activists down to the farmers. I'm very concerned about the disconnect between what's actually happening, what's actually possible, and what the media and politicians report to advance the United Nations political agenda.

    relevant links: (The intentional manipulation of the facts is covered here.)

    https://www.instituteforenergyresear...A2Y5lJgPzKOn2o (Some technical realities are covered here.) sample:

    "1,600 gigawatts of new wind and solar capacity would be required to replace all U.S. fossil fuel generation and 900 gigawatts of battery storage backup would be needed. There are only 5.5 gigawatts of battery storage world-wide in operation or under construction."
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