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    Just curious what magazines are out there for dairy farmers? I'm looking for magazines like Hoard's, Dairy herd Management, Northeast Dairyman, etc. I'm also interested in magazines on grazing for dairy.

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    If you are looking for grazing info, then google Graze magazine. It is from a publisher in WI, but covers all over. Alot of great info and articles on how real dairies are making it work. I don't remember what it costs, but it is worth evere penny in my opinion. Other free dairy magazines, I like Progressive Dairyman, seems to be a good bit of info there. Also Dairy Today which I think is part of Farm Journal, alot like Dairy Herd Management. There are also a few regional newspapers that I have seen that have a lot of dairy-related stuff. Farmshine, Lancaster Farming, and Farm and Dairy being three that I can think of. Hay and Forage Grower magazine and Feedstuffs magazine might be worth a look. I can't think of any more right now but I bet there are others. Hope this helps.

    Jared in TN

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