I will be turning 30 years old in a couple days and have been going to school the last few years. I was welding for awhile and was not really happy and decided I would rather be a ER nurse for a multitude of reasons. A couple that help me with farming a bit on the side are they work three twelve hour shifts in my area and I do enjoy helping people typically. I have wanted to farm my entire, but have never wanted to take the financial plunge. I was going to run my idea by you guys and see what you thought of it. I also am open to any feeding suggestions as well. I have been around goats and cattle my entire life. When I graduate school I plan on looking for roughly a 100 acre farm with some decent buildings and obviously tillable ground. I would like to lease the land out for a few years to help cover the farm cost itself and be able to start a herd of goats. I would also need to decide on what I am doing for a parlor. Maybe can use an existing structure or get a completely new one if it is the best option. I also see people are starting to feed silage to goats as well. We always did a pellet and grain mix with some grassy alfalfa hay. We only had 20-30 total at a time though and bought all the feed. I would like to try and make my own feed as much as possible. I was wondering how corn silage and some grassy hay is for goats? Open to thoughts on what you use to feed from the ground and any other suggestions. I would like to be a nurse for 20-30 years and finish up with this when I am no longer able to keep up with the goats I would then fully retire. I also do realize I may need to hire some help when I am working.

Thanks, TheNubianGuy