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Thread: Dairy nutritional software, diet analysis and optimisation

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    Hello everyone! I'm writing on behalf of pH6+ Dairy, a small company but with a great product that will benefit dairy farmers and consultants, and that you can try completely free.

    It allows you to analyse the nutrients that your feeds are providing to your cows. It contains a big database but it also allows you to enter your feeds and mixes.
    ost of the benefits seen in practice (and hence the name pH6+) come from the hourly rumen pH prediction and tuning, but there is much more available too.

    Head to the website for more info and for a 31 days 100% free trial, no payment info needed or anything:

    Many Dairy Consultants have been using it for years, and now we're trying to offer it to a broader market. It's not the only solution out there, but we believe it's the best ;-)
    Hope it turns out useful for many here.


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    Tell me please, and besides your site, where else can I find information about the reliability of your company?

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