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    Hi, I am new to the forum. Previous to joining I was searching the internet (with no luck) for advice for correcting a show heifer that side steps and cannot seem to walk in a straight line. She does not have any injuries or genetic abnormalities that hinder her from walking normally. She is halter broke and will lead; she is NOT fighting the halter. She just seems clumsy and uncoordinated. When she is standing in her stall she looks like a nice, well put-together heifer but once you start walking her she just falls apart. It seem like once you try to keep her head up she has more difficulty whereas if you just let her have total control of her head she's basically fine but still somewhat goofy.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! This is my daughter's December calf for 4H (she also has a March calf). The fair isn't until mid July so there is still time to work with her. We do walk her several times a week but even with plenty of practice she doesn't seem any better. I feel like we may just have to omit her as an entry and my daughter doesn't want to do that! Thanks!

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    If you have a gutter cleaner, walk her along the gutter and every time she sidesteps she will put one foot in the gutter. Before long she will be walking straight

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